homemade marijuana trimmer, check it out!!!!

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homemade marijuana trimmer cost less than twenty dollars to make works as good as a trimpro costs about a thousand dollars less!! WTF???????

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25 Responses to “homemade marijuana trimmer, check it out!!!!”

  • nevadasparky79:

    @green6400 Also this type of trimmer just cuts most of the bigger fan leaves off. to trim your Medicine right You will still need to trim it with sisors to get a good manacure !!!! Also these trimmers do not work on small buds!!!! it will suck them right through and int the trim bag!!!! good luck. And No I am not posting a video or pic of my trimmer!!!!! Its nobodys bussiness mine is Identical to this one except I sand blasted my blade and grill to remove the lead paint they used on these

  • nevadasparky79:

    @green6400 Ok simple!!!!! get a old fan simular to this one it MUST have steel blades!!take the back cover or grill off. unbolt the motor and flip it upside down. So the blades or facing the back side. then put the blade back on the motor upside down!!! twist the blades so that they are about 1/8″-1/4″ away from the grill!!!!!! theres the secret its simple. you can remove 2 of the blades for more RPM you are just modifying the fan to suck the leaves in and the force of the blade cuts the leave

  • green6400:

    @nevadasparky79 ,dude you have got to tell me how u made ur fan work properly, how to make motor spin backwards, anf what did u do to blades, thanks

  • magemeatloaf:

    thats a lot of fucking weed

  • CarbonB:

    Lol, the secret? These guys must be real high because it is pretty obvious that reversing the direction of the fan would allow the fan to suck the fan leaves INTO the fan blades trimming said bud. Why would you even try to hide that fact? Haha…hicks.

  • LeeviON:

    This is awesome!

  • alibarbersworkshop:

    This is a fantastic idea and would only take anybody a little research online to complete. To all the cry babies going on about lost resin, well with a little care and precision its is only going to leaf that is removed not bud! You have far more control doing it by hand compared to those auto machines plus look how much they have get through! As for the kids, so fucking what, they are not your children and id bet they grow up with a far better attitude to cannabis than most people in this world

  • lakotadancer:

    Has anyone else figured out how to reverse the rotation on the fan motor> I have an Aloha Floor model, which has 3 speeds control. AC, and a capacitor start, I have tried reversing the Start field of of the motor going to cap and AC Cord, but still rotates same direction??

  • Hoodgrower:

    yo big thumbs up on that fan man that shit owns

  • SotaBoyOG:

    @JJVALDEZ55 get the family involved =]

  • SotaBoyOG:

    @jeffjackie19 amen

  • MrDilliption:

    @JJVALDEZ55 Thats just good, i rather see my dad trimming weed insted of drinking

  • lsum1978:

    Right on!!!

  • anytingbu:


    Near harvest, all plants should show a nitrogen deficiency in the Large fan leaves because the plants energy/nutrients has been fully focused into the mature buds.. C’mon, why make an amateur statement like that?

  • KOOLAID951:

    that plant was nitrogen edprived look at the yellow leaves. MIDS!!!!!

  • whitecrap1:

    That is so fucking redneck yet so fucking awesome..

  • Growing4medical:

    To be honest, only a dealer would treat there buds like this!

  • ThoreNissen:

    fuckn’ big weeds :o

  • Optimusprimerib:

    @AlmostInfamous1 Marijuana is a way of life in some communities. It sustains the economy and provides jobs for a lot of people. In these communities, kids are exposed to pot all the time and very seldom does it cause issues. I can see your point, though. I definitely wouldn’t let the little ones have a slumber party or something that day.

  • iran1389:

    Good stuff guy I’m headed to the store now!! Unedr 20 bucks for sure

  • MrSilent937:

    @deimoscraz some[places weed is medicine and legal in a state level

  • Phunkedub:

    @Phunkedub You are a sorry person. You have obvious depression issues that probly stem from the fact that you are a total loser who has to threaten people online to make yourself feel like a man because girls give no aid in doing so. I feel sorry for you. Threatening to come shoot up my school is totally out of line and I would report it to the Police but I have had the police pick me up from my moms house (only I was 16 your 30 ish) and I would never want any mother to have to go thru that

  • Phunkedub:

    @Phunkedub You are an abomination to stoners and mankind and I hope god has mercy on your sad soul. You need mental help and I seriously hope your posts on here are viewed by someone proactive enough to report you to the police before you do go shoot up a school because people treated you badly in High School. Life goes on buddy, you need to get prescribed something for your depression so these things of the past don’t make you ruin your future. that was over a decade ago, let it go.

  • rims4less1:


  • rims4less1:

    till you slip and lose a pinky. because you skimped 20 more bucks to use a more protective grate. the cackling kids you have around shows your ignorance..

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